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AXIS Gear: Latest Product Improvements!

27th October 2016

We built AXIS Gear in collaboration with our Indiegogo backers to truly create the best product possible. Based on your feedback, we focused on improving the entire experience. As Gear gets closer and closer to becoming available, we wanted to detail some of the key product improvements our team has developed on top of our initial vision.


Power Module Cord

We designed a pogo-pin connector with a thinner wire that connects to our power module, making the wire a lot less noticeable. It means the plug at the bottom of the Gear will also be unobtrusive – you won’t even notice it’s there!



Power Consumption / Sleep Mode

Some backers live in areas with little or no sunlight. As a result, we had to maximize the battery life of the power module. We have reduced Gear’s energy consumption, dropping the current draw from 12mA to below 1mA. This was done by putting Gear into a constant state of “sleep” and only “waking up” when a user approaches the device. This ensures Gear is super robust and able to last without constantly changing batteries (only for those windows that face little sunlight of course).



We decided to launch a Z-Wave version during the middle of our campaign due to overwhelming demand. The decision to develop for Z-Wave meant more time and resources for development. For example, a new board had to be developed and certified with Z-Wave on it. A portion of our engineering team has dedicated the last few months to the development of this new board as well as integrations for it.


Board Certification

Our initial Bluetooth-only board went through vigorous testing. As a result, we had to make some board design changes related to the “unintentional radio emissions” the board was generating (this is opposed to our “intentional radio emission” the Bluetooth chip would emit). It meant we had to spend about two weeks to redesign the board, mainly the power circuitry, to reduce unintentional radio emissions.


Procurement & Design for Manufacturing

A big part of our team is our beloved, meticulous (edging on overly nerdy) engineers. As such, they took extra care making design changes from a prototype version to a final mass produced version. This must take consideration for our selection of material properties. We spent a lot of time testing our components, meeting our vendors directly in China to make sure they were of the highest quality (a process that took months).


A lot of big things are happening over here with Team AXIS, so stay tuned for some very exciting news over the next month!

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