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AXIS Gear – Shipping & Features Update

10th April 2017

Batch 1 Shipping Begins!

Shipping for the first batch of units will be beginning the week of April 17th. During that week, look out for shipping emails with your tracking numbers!

If you pre-ordered a Bluetooth version of AXIS Gear on Indiegogo or our website before November 2016, then you are included in the first batch and can expect to receive a shipping notice.


Features Timeline

As users of the very first batch of AXIS Gear (ever!), we will be relying heavily on your feedback to help us fine-tune the experience in the first crucial months and beyond. We will continually be updating the app and Gear’s firmware via over-the-air updates to improve and unlock various features and integrations. This will make Gear better and better over time. We wanted to outline a more technical update that details what will be available at launch and what great things are to come!

Control & Setup via Bluetooth: Launch

The ability to setup your Gear (label it and let the Gear know what the fully opened and fully closed position of your shades are) and control your Gear individually are one of the first things we worked on with the app. This will be available at launch. For now, the Bluetooth range will work when in the same room as the Gear.

Scheduling via Bluetooth: Launch

The ability to set your shades to various schedules will be available at launch. The scheduling feature relies on the date/time of your phone and schedules can be created in two ways:

List Mode – Schedule your shades in a way similar to setting alarms on your phone.

Visual Mode – Drag and drop to visually map out your schedule.

On-Device Controls & Setup: Launch

Before beginning development of the app, we made it possible to setup and control the Gear via the on-device controls. These features, as well as the ability to press the pair button to sync Gear to your phone via Bluetooth, will be available at launch. However, the group mode function will be in Beta (further explanation of this below).

Group Control via Bluetooth: Summer 2017

Group mode control in the AXIS app will be in Beta at launch with a polished version arriving in the coming months. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group have announced that they plan to bring mesh control to the Bluetooth chip inside Gear in the coming months.

This means that instead of having to focus our resources to developing a group feature, we can simply wait for our chip to be updated while we focus on other demanding features. In the meantime, we recommend creating schedules for each shade to compensate for group mode being in Beta.

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