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AXIS Gear Update: February 2017

6th February 2017

Fresh Out of The Oven!

Here’s your first look at the first 150 units of AXIS Gear fresh off the assembly line (or oven, if you will). A large chunk of our team was in China overseeing the production of the first batch of units. While there, they were making sure all the details of production, from testing to plastics to packaging, were being carried out to our (and your) very high standards.


Golden Week

The Chinese New Year began earlier than anticipated (the 23rd instead of 28th), so our team has come back to Canada during our manufacturer’s holiday period (officially called the Chinese Lunar New Year Golden Week). They will be returning after the Lunar New Year holiday ends to make sure the rest of AXIS Gear’s production goes smoothly and efficiently. On that note, we want to wish a Happy New Year to all our friends celebrating at this time!


TechHome Mark of Excellence Award at CES 2017

If you missed it, the AXIS team had the great opportunity to participate at the 2017 CES media-exclusive event, PEPCOM. Also at CES, Gear was awarded Motorized Product of the Year at the TechHome Mark of Excellence Awards.

We can’t tell you how honored we are to receive this award. We now get to call our Gear the Award-Winning AXIS Gear – which is pretty cool. You can read more about our time at CES and the award we received by having a look at our blog.

PC Mag also made a feature about Gear after seeing us at CES, which you can view here.


Last Chance to Make Order Changes

If you need to make any adjustments to your AXIS Gear order, please let us know ASAP as we are preparing to ship! We understand some of you may have moved since pre-ordering your Gear, so we want to make sure you have time to make any changes. You can contact us at mail@helloaxis.com to let us know of any order changes.

Trung Pham

Trung Pham

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