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Increase The Safety Of Your Home With Motorized Shades

18th October 2016

There are many ways that the automation of motorized window shades can improve both the safety and privacy of your home, belongings, and loved ones. Throw on that helmet and lets dive in!


Child & Pet Safety

Making sure your household is a hazard-free zone is the first step in keeping your loved ones safe. By ensuring your cords are out of reach will greatly reduce the risk of accidents. When you’re not in a situation to replace all your shades for cordless options, a cord tensioner becomes your best bet.

In addition to the cleaner look of a well-tensioned window shade cord, products such as AXIS Gear act as cord tensioner in addition to motorizing your shades. The free hanging cords of traditional window treatments can be a real danger to children and pets. Cord tensioners prevent hazardous dangling cords by keeping the cord tight to reduce the risk of choking, strangulation and entanglement.

In fact, The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urge parents and caregivers to action in this area. Exposed or dangling cords is a strangulation hazard and every home should replace them or simply add protective measures (like cord tensioners) with the safer products of today.


Away From Home

When you leave for vacation, a long weekend or simply out to work for the day, you can make your home a little safer by simulating presence with motorized shades. You can make it appear as if someone is at home, would-be intruders would have no way of telling who is moving your shades up or down.

This can make your home less of a target or simply prevent anyone from taking a peek to see what you have inside. You can either set Gear to “Vacation Mode” to allow a randomized pattern to simulate presence, or simply set your own custom schedule. Paired with lighting automation you can truly give your home the appearance that someone is home, protect your valuables both inside and out.


Valuables in Your Home

Strategically lowering your shades during sunny days will prolong the life of the furniture, rugs, and other valuables in your home by limiting their exposure to harmful UV rays. This can be a nuisance to do by hand throughout the day, but with motorized shades, you can set schedules or automate them based on light intensity to keep the valuables in your home safe and protected from sun damage.



Wherever your bathrooms are located in your home, you always want privacy while you’re doing your business. This is even more important when you have a bathroom on the first or second floor. With motorized shades, you can hit a switch to lower your shades for privacy before hitting the shower or while getting ready for bed. Motion sensors can enhance this by automatically lowering the shades as you enter the bathroom and raising again as you leave!

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