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Increasing Productivity With Motorized Shades

26th October 2016

You’re watching your favorite critically acclaimed drama on Netflix, cooking up something special, or getting some serious work done, you deserve to focus on what you’re doing without any frustrating interruptions.

Motorized shades allow you to increase productivity so you can get more done in less time.


The Straight Up Time Saver

There’s no worse way to interrupt your productivity than by having to get up, which can really disrupt your workflow. Reach for your phone and with the tap of a finger, your shades work for you by becoming a big time saver.

If your motorized shades come with a suite of intelligent sensors, you can automate the whole process to save you even more time. Sit back as your shades:

  • Adjust to eliminate monitor glare
  • Raise or lower to keep the room comfortable
  • Adjust so you have the best view
  • Raise in the morning to that refreshing sunshine

All without you raising a finger!


Glare Control

There’s nothing worse than that annoying monitor glare. Whether you’re on your laptop, smartphone, tablet or TV, glare can seriously affect the way you work. It’s harder to read documents, see what you’re working on, and it just plain sucks.

With the tap of a finger, you can adjust your shades and say goodbye to annoying monitor glare, or automate the entire process with intelligent sensors.


Comfort Control

Too many work spaces are over-lit or have uninspiring artificial lighting, often while sunlight is pouring in at the same time. Too much sun can also overheat your space, making you uncomfortable – your AC shouldn’t be working harder than you.

With motorized shades, you’ll experience perfect room temperature so you can increase productivity in comfort. At the same time, you’ll be creating a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for your room. Your environment has a big impact on your productivity and mood, so work in a space that works for you.


More refreshed mornings

Nothing has much of an effect on your mood and performance throughout the day than the amount and quality of sleep you get the night before. Automatically have your window shades close at night for privacy and room-darkening, so you can fall asleep in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

In the morning, wake up naturally to the sunshine and forget the annoying, heart-wrenching alarm clock. Let the sun warm up the room before you leave your cozy bed. Sunshine can make you feel invigorated and cheerful, so you can really conquer the day ahead of you.


No better way to increase productivity

Offices and other businesses have been taking advantage of the benefits of motorized shades for years – employee productivity, comfort, and morale all go up when you harness the sun.

However, it’s only been until recently that motorization has become more accessible to everyone. Find out how you can harness the sun and experience the benefits of motorized shades.

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