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How to wake up feeling refreshed

The Ultimate Guide to Smarter Sleeping. Discover the 3 steps to understanding sleep and the top solutions for finally figuring out how to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

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Introducing: the AXIS Refer-A-Friend Program

Learn how you can get $30 for every friend you refer!

Automated blinds

Automated blinds with scheduling/timers

Programmed and customized to fit your unique lifestyle. Fully featured automated blinds and shades with scheduling/timer controls can now be enjoyed by everyone and anyone.

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Discover, Try & Buy AXIS Gear at b8ta

AXIS Gear is available to try and buy at b8ta! If you don’t know b8ta yet, you should get to know how it works as b8ta is not like other retailers.

Automated blinds

Automate all your blinds

Automated blinds and shades, here you come! Learn how you can get even more control of you window blinds and shades with Group Mode only available inside of the AXIS App.

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The Avery: Case Study

The Avery is a 56-story residential tower located in San Francisco, CA. Learn how Gear was able to be installed faster and with less complication that any comparable solution.