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Automated blinds and shades, here you come! Learn how you can get even more control of you window blinds and shades with Group Mode only available inside of the AXIS App.

Trung Pham

AXIS Founder/CEO

If you (like me) have more than 1 window in your home, you can truly see the potential to automate all your blinds and shades by using AXIS Gear on each and every window. 💡

This is exactly why we created Group Mode right inside of the AXIS app. The very same app you have installed right now. At no extra cost to you. Keep scrolling to learn about all the amazing things you can do with Group Mode.


Add your blinds to the group.

With the AXIS App, it could not be easier to add your individual blinds to a group.

  • Create a new group.
  • Add each blind to your group.
  • Done!


Control your newly created group!

With 'Group Mode, it is really that easy to group your blinds together to control them simultaneously. Convenient.

  • 0% to 100% control. Touch anywhere on the Control Strip in the middle. All of the blinds in your group will move to that position!
  • Nudge control. Touch any of the arrow buttons to nudge all of the blinds in your group up or down. Perfect for fine tuning your selection.

The only catch...

You need more than 1 AXIS Gear!

Which is why we have created bundle pricing on our web store,

so you can save on your truly smart home.

What people are saying:

Overall great product

"Purchased a 2 pack and really enjoy them. Easy to install, app is easy to navigate and use, product is well built and sturdy, and operates quietly. Overall great product."


Heath T

Simple to set up

"I tried a few options for my shades in the bedroom and none of them were able to lift my heavy shades... until now! AXIS worked very well and it was actually simple to setup. Great product!"


Justine M

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